Basildon Cruise Challenge Winners 9th April 2019

Tie-breaker decider

There was undeniable tension in sunny Essex, as the Green and Blue teams fought until the last seconds to see who would be crowned the winners of the Basildon Cruise Challenge.

After more than an hour of live gameplay – complete with numerous karaoke forfeits featuring floor-fillers such as Mamma Mia, Sex Bomb and Y.M.C.A – there was still nothing to separate two warring factions of travel agents.

That meant one thing and one thing only – a tie-break question, on the bell. Perhaps those in attendance expected something cruise or nautical related, well, no. In fact, the gameshow host – the one and only Peter Smith – plucked out the humdinger: what fruit is considered unlucky by sailors?

Cue frantic bell tapping, which the Green team won. Here was the moment of glory. The moment they had all waited for. Three choices to settle an epic contest: pears, apples, or bananas? After a few seconds to compose their thoughts, followed by a few nervous looks, the correct answer of bananas passed their lips and that was that for the Basildon Cruise Challenge.

Not forgetting the Red team, however, who were more than in the game until the Greens and Blues pulled away towards the finish line. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Match recap:
Winning team: Green
Final score: Green – 34; Blue – 32; Red – 17


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