Ey up fella!

Last night the Cruise Challenge team dropped anchor in Leeds and received the warm Yorkshire welcome that the north has become famous for.

Despite some slight heating issues in the venue, agents once again proved they are a hardy bunch and not only did they fight off the chill but they set the Cruise Challenge ablaze with the best score of the season so far.

The Reds set the early pace but these devils had definitely bolted too early and as the half way point neared they started to flag.

Their relegation was confirmed when a man, who shall henceforth only be known as ‘Mr Six’, rolled up a storm to give the Greens a lead and a shot at the crown. Alas, his brilliance was all for nowt as the Blues, ably commanded by ‘The General’, popped up at the death to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Phew, I’m exhausted after that and I was just watching!

In storming to the win, the Blues also set the new highest team score of the Cruise Challenge to date – and this one may prove tough to beat.

We had a fantastic night in Yorkshire and would like to thank everyone who attended – you really were all great sports. We’d also like to give a quick shout-out to our sponsors for the evening. Thank you for your continued support and the great prizes!

THE LEAGUE: It’s all change once again as for the third week in a row we have new city at the top of the league… but boy was it close!

NEXT UP: The next port in the Cruise Challenge storm is the UK’s second city. We hit the Hotel Indigo in Birmingham on March 28th – come and join us!